New single and video 'Free Our Hearts', in the style of 'Comfortably Numb' (Pink Floyd)

  If you like Pink Floyd , check this out! I wrote an anti-racism song in the musical style of ' Comfortably Numb '. Some 40 years ago Pink Floyd created a rock opera about a character named Pink and his spiritual isolation from society, figuratively referred to as 'The Wall'.   ' Free Our Hearts ', the new song by singer-songwriter Eric Geurts strives to bring down the walls of racism in our minds and hearts. We are afraid of the unknown (other cultures) and therefore build walls of prejudice to protect ourselves. The expansive and passionate guitar solo, à la David Gilmour, is both compelling and dynamic.  Black, red, white or yellow, the same blood flows through all our veins. 'Free Our Hearts' is born out of and immersed in the spirit of the age. Black Lives Matter.  All Lives Matter. More info: